Traditional print work including business cards, brochures, logo art, booklets, catalogs, instruction sheets, banners 
and more. Also, a lot of print projects can cross over to digital in the form of PDF, slide presentations, E-Books, etc.

A 4 color menu booklet for internet food delivery company

A 2 color brochure with duotone for Flagstar Bank.

PDF authoring for booklets, marketing, manuals, presentations and more.
Designed to be both digital and printed. Can publish to any online source including popular stores.

Artwork for U.S. Air Force decals.

A vivid 4 color/front, 1 color/back retail package for glow paint bottles.

A Walbridge Aldinger 1 color print ad (left) and Sinai Hospital print newsletter (right).

Logo design and 2 color brochure for the J.U.M.P. Foundation.

Two color printed, folded and drilled retail packaging for soccer ball decals.

Box packaging in 2 color for Gecko Enterprises.

Postcard campaign for reviving dead accounts in 4 color for Flagstar Bank.

A 4 color label for gallon containers.

Monthly 1 color newsletters for (Diversified Members Credit Union).