Multimedia by definition is the ability to bring various techniques into one
cohesive experience. This can be achieved with many differing art forms and file types
offering an "interactive" element to a display, presentation, video, or website.

Animation of a unique table top display system.
Modeling and textures were created and animated.

A demo video in the fashion of an old science fiction movie.
Techniques used are story boarding, 3d modeling, texture mapping,
animation, particle systems, green screen video, 
matte painting, 
bone rigging, 
rotoscoping, and sound editing.

See image below for green screen example.

On the left is the original green screen shot with model. To the right
is the composite video complete with effects.

A video intro created for Pendragon Industrial Design.

A video for a pyramid product that explains the Constitution
and various aspects.

A video showcasing a Nike award.

A slideshow presentation for the Elio "Stealth" or Silhouette project.
Created slideshow and graphics.

A slideshow presentation for the Elio "Sport" edition project.
Created slideshow and graphics.

You can learn more about Elio Motors by clicking here: Elio Motors

A slideshow presentation for Toyota aftermarket grill products.
The grill products created in Photoshop and
presentation created originally in PowerPoint.

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