Artwork for various projects. Please review the samples below.

interactive design

Logo artwork created with Computer Graphics Imagery.

elio motors
Concept vehicle proposal for the revolutionary Elio Motors Vehicle project. 
Proposed packages include a sport version and a "stealth" midnight version.

Learn more about Elio Motors by clicking here: Elio Motors

Logo and marketing design for Healing Hands Ministries and their Tablescapes event 2017.

Learn more about Healing Hands Ministries here: Healing Hands

Concept art for an award product made of wood and steel with carved numbers and burned etching.

For Sweet Success drink packaging, artwork and graphics digitally created with 3D software and
Adobe suite software for final production

Special edition Ford/Fender Guitar Mustang artwork. The Mustang photo is from
the actual vehicle featured in a popular automotive magazine.

Concept art proposal for a truck vehicle design.

Concept art proposal for a sport vehicle design.

Z-Sport artwork and magazine ad. See the Actual Ads

tim allen

Custom exterior and interior artwork for Tim Allen's Impala, the Binford 6100, appropriately
named from the fictional Binford products on his hit television show Home Improvement.

art weather education
Artwork and illustrations for all grades of education. 
These graphics are used for
learning materials relating to the environment.

education art plants
Artwork and illustrations for learning materials. This plant art is part of a 
learning series f
or middle school age children.

Local events including festivals, charities, and the Woodward Dream Cruise.
This artwork was used on T-Shirts, posters, banners, decals, 
magazine ads and more for event promotion.


Logo artwork for the Pontiac GXP.

Elio Motors custom Holiday artwork.

cartoon gecko

Having a variety of clients also means a variety of creative projects. These cartoon
graphics were part of a larger marketing campaign for Gecko Products
incorporating banners, animations, print, and more.

Logo designed for Pasco County Alzheimer's Organization.

pendragon industrial design hines

Logo artwork for Pendragon Industrial Design.

display panel
Artwork promoting a unique portable display system